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The DeLorean by Amy Loughrey

The DeLorean by Amy Loughrey


We were delighted to be asked to come to Belfast on Monday with the beautiful, famous, classic car known as the DeLorean. The job for the Belfast team then was to remove the flux capacitor (which I don’t think Dr. Emmett Brown would be very happy about!) and replace it with battery power! It really was a great experience! We of course had to check the weather conditions before we traveled to Belfast to make sure there were no lightning strikes threatened! Hahaha 


Some Facts
• The DeLorean was created in 1976 by William T. Collins
• It was made by a gentleman called John DeLorean.
• It went on to be produced in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland from 1981-1983.
• The exterior of the DeLorean is made of stainless steel. Cars of that era usually became rust buckets and this was a new phenomenon and revolutionary for its’ time.
• The British Government gave the DeLorean company major financial backing to help ease unemployment in Northern Ireland.
• The DeLorean is most famous for its’ role in the 1985 movie “Back To The Future.”


The DeLorean became an icon after its’ starring role in the movie. It certainly helped Doc and Marty get to where they needed when they were in trouble! A special device in the time machine called The Space Time Continuum told them (by date, month and year) where they last were, where they were at the present time and where or “when” they were going in the future. To travel to the past, present or future, the DeLorean had to be running at 88 miles per hour. Here’s an interesting fact, you were supposed to look away from the screen when the flux capacitor flashed (I didn’t, did you?). Great Scott, that’s pretty heavy!

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The DeLorean by Amy Loughrey

  1. Kim McKayed says:

    Did you catch Marty McFly hanging about?!

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